Cao Guojian,pen name Mido,was born in 1960 in Nong'an Country,Jilin Province ,the hinder-land of Songliao Plain,the one-time place of military and political importance in North China in the period of Liao and Jin dynasties,historically called Yellow Dragon Town(Huanglongfu).He was spent his childhood in a countryside carpenter family and developed a strong interest in painting as a child under the influence of the folk artisan.Over the past decades,he served as a solider,worked as operator in factories and businessman,which brought unlimited source of inspirations to his artistic career.
  Currently he is Art Director of Liaoning Sigma Advertisement Media Co.,Ltd.His creation covers four fields,namely,painting,calligraphy,photography,and design.He also established Mido Art Gallery.His painting works have a wide range of themes and a strong sense of the time...

Mordern Painter, works have been collected by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Calligrapher, Chief editor of Chinese Fine Arts Publishing House
Aesthetic critic, Chinese Culture Society executive director of the public
“美丽中国”扇画展在莫斯科举行 2014/7/14
保千里公司发起动感数字书画慈善拍卖活动 2014/6/28
中国书画搅动泉州春拍市场 2014/6/12
收藏拍卖中的书画价格落差的潜规则 2014/5/24
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